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Our Products

The exclusive development of just two products -fried bagels and churros- has enabled the company specialization around a single recipe with eggs, flour, sugar, milk, olive oil and anise flavor.

100% natural, Ubagua Bagels do not use dyes, preservatives or saturated fats, we look for a safe and healthy product, unique in its preparation and irresistible flavor.

How did we do?
With quality raw materials. We believe in fresh ingredients and our suppliers are so close that an egg yesterday may be in a bagel at the supermarket the next day, with a natural conservation of our products guaranteed for three months.


Fried Bagels

It is our flagship product since 1979, keeps the essence and the original recipe. Monitoring the entire process of production, mixing, frying, cooling and packaging-makes our bagels stay fresh as the first day for three months.

Churros Fritos

Fried Churros

The evolution of consumer tastes and our desire to satisfy them encouraged us to create a second product in the 90’s: fried churros. With the same recipe as bagels, fried churros are already present in many Spanish tables.